How to Help Your Child Develop Good Dental Habits

Are you struggling to get your child to brush their teeth?

It could be that your child doesn't realize that keeping good dental habits can be fun and rewarding.

If you're looking for effective ways to help your child practice good oral hygiene, continue reading. This guide will show you everything you should do to encourage your child's brushing.

Brush Your Teeth With Your Child

Most children view brushing teeth as a chore--it doesn't have to be that way! Encourage your child's brushing habits by setting aside time to brush your teeth with them.

The benefit of brushing your teeth with your child is that they can feel like they're having fun with their parent, and you can take that time to teach them how to brush their teeth properly.

Use any tools you might need. These can include a fun timer that counts down from 2 minutes, a favourite song to play each time you brush, or fun toothbrushes that make oral hygiene enjoyable.

Brush your teeth with your child and you'll create a routine that both of you look forward to.

Set an Example for Them

Your children watch and mimic everything you do. They look up to you and want to be exactly like you when they grow up. So set a healthy example for them!

By implementing regular teeth brushing and flossing in your everyday routine, you'll automatically encourage your child to do the same. They'll look forward to doing something they know makes you proud.

As with setting an example for good behaviour, kind words, and consistent manners, teaching your child that keeping teeth clean is essential starts by doing it yourself.

Reward Good Behaviour

Typically, rewarding your child's good behaviour might mean giving them a special treat or their favourite foods.

In this case, reward your child's good habits by maybe allowing them to watch a little more TV or taking them a little longer to the park. You'll want to encourage healthy and fun activities that don't involve sugar or unhealthy foods.

Consider coming up with a rewards schedule. Perhaps for 2 weeks of consistent good brushing, your child can pick out a new little toy at the store. For a whole month of good dental habits, you could reward your child with a trip to the zoo.

Applaud your child's good habits by showing how proud of them you are. They'll feel special and seen, and in return, you'll get continued consistent brushing from them in anticipation of their next reward.

Teach Them the Benefits of Dental Care

In conjunction with teaching your child how to properly brush and floss their teeth, keeping a steady routine of dental hygiene appointments will show them the importance of professional dental care.

Make a trip to the dentist's office a fun one by being positive and enthusiastic about kid's dentistry.

Your children are copying your every move and this is a great way to encourage positivity about getting regular dental check-ups.

Hygiene Services for kids in Guelph

When it comes to teaching your child good dental habits, you'll want to make sure you're doing everything yourself too.

Have fun with your child and practise great oral hygiene at the same time.

If you're ready to schedule your next dental hygiene appointment in Guelph, fill out an appointment request with Westwood Dental Group.