Too Old for Orthodontic Treatment

Too old for Orthodontic Treatment?

We usually think of braces as something that belong in the mouths of children. People who reach adulthood without ever using them often believe that it’s too late for them to get orthodontic treatments, and that they simply have to learn to live with misaligned teeth. The truth is that while it generally takes longer for braces to realign adult teeth, they can still be very helpful in straightening crooked teeth. 

The dental care specialists of Westwood Dental Group, in Guelph, provide a full range of orthodontic care for both young and old, including the Simply Clear® system, which offers a discreet alternative to regular braces. If you’re wondering whether or not orthodontic treatments are for you, consider the following questions.

Why should I consider braces? If you feel self-conscious about your teeth, perhaps forcing yourself not to smile broadly, you might consider orthodontic treatment for purely cosmetic reasons. However, it’s important to know that misaligned teeth can make it difficult to maintain proper dental hygiene, cause premature wear-down of the teeth, or cause more serious damage to the alignment of your jaw.

Am I too old? You’re never too old for orthodontic treatment. The only concerns are the general health of your mouth and gums, as well as that of the bones in your jaw. Your dentist can help you assess these with a checkup.

Can I wear braces if I’m missing teeth? Absolutely. In fact, an orthodontic treatment can help prevent other issues, such as teeth sliding toward holes left behind by missing teeth. Braces will also make it easier to replace those missing teeth.

What are my options in terms of braces? There are far more options available today than those old-fashioned metal rails that made our mouths look like train tracks. Today’s braces are much more inconspicuous. There are also removable models, as well as clear ones.

Are braces difficult to care for? It’s always good to avoid eating sticky foods, like caramel or taffy, as well as chewing gum. You’ll also have to take some care when chewing hard foods. Beyond that, you’ll have to maintain your good flossing and brushing habits. Your dentist will provide you with any other specific instructions. 

Bracing for change

Not only do can orthodontic treatments help you gain more confidence, they can also help prevent more serious health issues. Our dental clinic in Guelph can help you make the right choice and provide the care and professionalism you’re looking for in orthodontic treatments. Don’t hesitate to call us or visit our website for more information about adult dental care. We smile when you do!