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Bonded Fillings 
Composite Filling Restoration for Guelph Patients
Years ago, issues with your teeth such as decay (cavities) or trauma left patients with few options for treatment other than unsightly metal or amalgam fillings, if not an outright extraction. Modern technology in dentistry is such now that Westwood & Starwood Dental can restore your teeth to their exact former appearance with composite fillings. Guelph patients prefer composite fillings, in fact, because they mean your repaired teeth will function just as the undamaged tooth did with no unattractive silver or black spots.
What are composite fillings? The filling itself is fashioned from acrylic resin, which is tooth-coloured and therefore indistinguishable from your natural tooth. This durable resin can be bonded to your teeth for a natural appearance. Composite fillings typically can be completed in a single appointment and will even protect your tooth from the danger of further decay.
Benefits of Composite Fillings
In order to understand the benefits of composite filling restoration, it’s important to know the technique dentists used in the past to fill decayed or damaged teeth. Formerly, dentists used metal alloys (called amalgam), which could include copper, silver, tin and mercury. While mercury has in general been pronounced safe in amalgams, there is still some question about the dangers of adding mercury to tooth fillings.
Amalgam fillings also have been known to stain teeth and require the removal of some of your healthy tooth in order to complete the filling. Moreover, this material can contract and expand, which can crack your healthy teeth. Composite fillings require almost no removal of your healthy tooth material, are easily bondable to your natural enamel, and – because they are tooth-coloured – allow the dentist to easily spot any decay around them. Besides, patients love the fact that composite fillings usually can be completed in a single visit.
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Here at Westwood Dental, we have served Guelph patients for more than 41 years with tooth fillings, crowns, bridges and even full-mouth restorations. Our patient-centred practice offers personalized attention, which allows us to build long-term relationships with our patients and our community. If you have a dental cavity or any other damage to your teeth that may require fillings, call us for an appointment at 519-836-4650. We’ll be happy to see you.