Your Family Dentist in Guelph

Maintaining good oral health is an important step in promoting your overall well-being. With routine dental checkups and general care from our family dentist in Guelph, we can help you and your loved ones maintain healthy smiles. At Westwood & Starwood Dental, we provide dental care for patients of all ages, striving to provide your entire family with the services you need. In business for over 41 years, we value the relationships we’ve built with our patients and look forward to serving you. Our office provides a range of dental care, including preventative, restorative and cosmetic services.


Preventative Care


Preventative dental services are designed to provide the care you need to stop dental problems before they happen. Westwood & Starwood Dental are here to provide you with the preventative services for your family’s needs. Some of our preventative services include:


Routine Cleanings

It is recommended that patients undergo a dental cleaning that includes scaling of the teeth every 6 months. This will remove buildup of plaque and tartar to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Dental Checkups

During a dental checkup, the dentist will complete a full oral exam, allowing him or her to assess for any changes or identify areas of risk. All teeth will be checked for cavities or problems and gums are examined to look for any significant changes.


Most common in children, sealants help to prevent tooth decay in a baby tooth until it is time for it to be replaced by a permanent tooth. The thin plastic coating seals the grooves of the teeth forming a protective shield. While usually used on the molars and premolars of children, adults can also benefit from sealants.

Perio Exams

A full periodontal exam will allow the hygienist to get a clear picture of your periodontal health by examining your teeth, gums, bite and bone structure. The hygienist will use a tiny probe to help accurately determine the health of your gums.


Restorative Care


Damage to teeth can occur for a variety of reasons, requiring restorative care to return the teeth to a state where they can properly function. Westwood & Starwood Dental is able to provide a variety of restorative dental services for your family, including:



If a tooth begins to decay, our family dentist in Guelph will remove the decayed area and fill it with a composite resin. This will help prevent the decay from spreading further and will allow the tooth to regain some of its original strength.


A dental bridge will allow you to fill a gap caused by a missing or extracted tooth. Using the two teeth on either side of the gap as support, the dentist will insert an artificial tooth into the area to fill the gap and allow you the comfort of a full set of teeth.


Crowns are most commonly used in circumstances where a tooth has become badly damaged and needs to be restored. However, they can also be used for cosmetic purposes to improve the look of teeth. Crowns will fit over the natural tooth, improving its strength, longevity and appearance.


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